The Spotlight section is dedicated to interviews with professional game designers and developers.
You will find in-depth focuses on games, game engines, design and programming techniques and a lot more...
Here follows a list of all our interviews sorted by most recent date of publishing.

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UFHO [ 20, Apr, 2008 ]

by Visual Creative Studio

UFHO is a unique turn-based multiplayer puzzle game that blends an original concept with addicting game mechanics and a bit of strategy. The resulting mix is a great gaming experience that will probably keep you hooked to screen for quite a while. We had the pleasure to interview the Italian developers behind UFHO and learn more about the concept and development of the game.

Arthic Online [ 01, Feb, 2008 ]

Arthic Online
by Sodigital

This month we take a look at the award-winning multi-player online game Arthic, by Sodigital. The game leverages the latest Flash Player 9 featuring gorgeous 3D graphics, large game areas and cool effects and cut-scenes. You will be able to impersonate different characters in the game, join or create a team and jump right into the battle. We interviewed Tomasz Piesiak from Sodigital to learn all the details behind the creation of Arthic

Flash Mobile Game Development [ 11, Nov, 2007 ]

Flash Mobile Game Development
by Mariam Dholkawala

This month we take a closer look to the world of Flash mobile game development. Flash Lite 3 was recently announced by Adobe, providing Flash 8 compatibility, better performance and new interesting features. We had the pleasure to talk about this and a lot more with Mariam Dholkawala, a mobile games developer who has been developing and evangelizing Flash as a mass mobile entertainment consumption platform in India for almost 3 years and online gaming for more than 6 years.

Nitrome [ 27, Jun, 2007 ]

by Matthew Annal

Nitrome is a U.K. based indie game company founded in 2004 which delivers highly addictive and funny web games. Games like Hot Air, Scribble and Roly Poly showcase their talent for unique game concepts, graphics and playing mechanics. We enjoyed talking with one of their founders, Matthew Annal, about how they started, their current work and future projects.

The Terrific Menace of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy [ 14, Apr, 2007 ]

The Terrific Menace of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy
by Genere Avventura

The Terrific Menace of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy (TTM, to name it briefly) is a great, Flash based, adventure game reminescent of the classics by LucasArts and entirely playable in ny web browser. It is supposed to have, above all, a complexity and longevity like those relatively early Adventure games that named this genre. The authors, who loved, and still love, this type of game, wanted to pay homage to those masterpieces, by creating an original and independent story. We interviewed the game authors and asked them to talk about the adventure of creating an adventure...

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