Q: What are the requirements to become a game reviewer ?

Game developers will obviously meet these requirements very easily.
Also anyone with a good experience in web gaming and flash technology can submit his profile.
It is not mandatory to be a game developer in order to become a game reviewer.
If you have a good critical sense, if you're a flash game passionate and have played many web games in the past years it's likely you can become a reviewer, even without knowing one line of Actionscript.

Q: How does this reviewing system work ?
R: You'll find all the tools for writing the game reviews within the gotoAndPlay() site.
If you'll be part of the reviewer team you'll be given access to the review backend, where you will able to suggest games for reviewing, compose and publish your own reviews and add short comments to other reviewer's reviews.

In terms of work we'd like our reviewers to post at least one article every 4-6 weeks.
Q: When do I start reviewing games ?
R: Firts fill the form below with some of your data and we'll contact you back as soon as possibile.
Q: I need more info !!!
R: We'll be glad to answer to any other questions about becoming a reviewer. Click here to contact us.
Q: How do I apply ?
R: Simply fill the form below in all its parts, and submit it!

Name / Nick:
Preferred game genre(s):
I use Flash since ...
Your English level:
Experience in
flash/game development:
Put here some links to
your works:
Which aspects of a game
do you consider the most
important ?
Add your notes:

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