28 Jan, 2006 reviewed by flash_of_scarlet

Funky Truck 4WD
by Teagames

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Funky Truck 4WD

Is it a bird, is it a plane..a superman? Nah! It’s a monster truck! No kiddin’! A monster truck falls from the sky and you get to monster it around. It is not as eaasssyyy as it sounds, its quite tough. You get to accumulate those points and compare them with the real pros. Just..dont be too shocked to see their scores!!!

I think the simplicity of the games makes it worth the many shots you’d give it. I still am not all that good. The highest I’ve scored is something like 500 points.

Creating the Thrill

The game keeps you on your feet and really keep you thinking about your “slow down” areas and stuff. Of course, there’s always the “I beat ya” thing that catches on when you compare points with your friend. All this adds up to a lot of competition and a lot of work hours that you spend thinking – “geez! I could have called in sick and played Funky Truck 4WD”.

NOTE TO MY BOSS : This is not me. Just an example!

The Game


[SCREENSHOT ONE - Menu Screen]

Yeah, so as I was saying, you monster your truck around a 2D surface. Not letting it topple is an important thing here. You accumulate points and play through the levels, that progressively becomes difficult – steeper ups and downs, more bumps to negotiate and more difficult to keep the tyre on track..rather than the roof on track!


[SCREENSHOT THREE - Look Ma! I'm Flyin']

There is also an “energy bar” to think of! Nah! Not the Chocolate “energy bar”. This is an indicator of your “health” (as a gamer would put it!). Needless to say, when it hits zero, you are out of luck!

[SCREENSHOT FOUR - Oops! I did it again!]

Some of those “Things”

Well, I have been playing the online version of the game. I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. I am not sure if it happens with other browsers. Anyhow, what happens is – when you switch windows from IE, to let us say, Notepad and come back to IE and hold down the UP Arrow key to accelerate, the truck doesn’t budge! You gotta click on the truck and then hold down the UP Arrow key to play. Yeah, I know the programmatic thingy and its something too silly to sulk upon. Its just something I found.

No “Options”

You think right! There is no screen to set game play options, like, Audio etc. I don’t think that is bad, in fact, I think that’s great! There is no use having an Options screen, when you don’t have audio for the game. No music or sound effects!

No Sound

Well, it’s a double-edged sword really – no looping music..which I found good. Not that I have anything personal against looping music! What I did miss..and.. I am sure a lot of you would also like to have..is..the growl of an engine. I don’t know if there is an Options screen and Sound in the full version of the game.

What I think of it

It is simple what I would say, just 3 words – MUST PLAY LOTS. It’s an addictive game, so I suggest you have that cup of coffee ready right next to you.

Keep Gaming!


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