30 Dec, 2005 reviewed by Neal

Puppy Curling
by Gamesarcade

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The aim of this game is to get all of your puppies as close to the center of the target circle as possible than your opponent. As a Puppy Curler, you must adjust the direction and speed of which the puppy will go sliding across the kitchen floor! You must be accurate with your adjustments, so all of your puppies can stay as close to the center as possible! Also, you must keep more puppies in the center or inside the circle than your opponent. Also, watch out for your opposing player, as he/she might hit one of your puppies off the target circle with his/her own puppies! This can affect your chance to win the round, so be careful! 


There are three rounds in all, and four attempts per round. The closer all of your puppies are to the center of the circle, the better chance you have to win each round!

This game can get a bit risky and challenging, because all eight puppies (four for you, and four for your opposing player) most likely cannot fit on one small circle! That's why making your adjustments is the most crucial factor in this game. You have to be careful not to hit your own puppies off the circle, because that can hurt your score!

When you are playing with the computer, the computer is pretty accurate with it's adjustments in power and direction to get it's puppies in the center of the target circle. So, you can either knock the computer's puppies out of the circle gently, or make good adjustments (for ex. medium power, straight direction) to get your puppies closer to the center of the target circle! If you were playing a friend or colleague, you should use those tips against them! :)

After using the direction and power adjusters, you will realize how much power you need, and the direction the puppy should go in order to keep all your puppies to stay near the center of the circle!


I can't argue with the graphics... it's pretty nice! I like how the different puppies look and act in the game screen, as well as how they curl on the kitchen floor! Their barking, scratching, crying, and fury really stick out in the game, and really help the game shine! Everything in the game looks clear too; the kitchen envorinment, and how the dogs react to each other when they come near to each other.

The soundfx is pretty good too! The background music is very attracting and sounds funny when you listen to it. But one thing I have to argue about this is that the music can be really repetitive at times. Since the background music is the same for both the menu, and the gaming area itself (kitchen floor), it can get a bit irritating. But the noise/sounds you hear from the dog is a really neat feature in this game!

The gameplay is pretty neat too, I have to say! But, the only thing you have to be concerned about is to correctly get the right adjustments for power and direction to keep all your puppies close to the center of the target circle! It can be fun to many who never played this kind of game before, but for those who have, it won't be something new to them. But only except the fact that rowdy puppies are being used!

The concept of the game is pretty interesting, and funny! Just the fact that crazy puppies are being used for curling can be hard to imagine. But, this game puts that imagination to reality, and that's what makes this game really fun to play!

The lastability is not too affected... but the repetitive soundfx is the main concern. The background music clip is long, and enjoyable, but after gamers play through many rounds of the game for a long amount of time while hearing the same clip over and over again... that can be a problem. If the background music was different each round, or different for the menu screen, or something of that matter... it would have been more pleasurable to play.

Overall, I still think that this is a great game, and that it's enjoyable, fun, and hilarious! If you want to curl a bunch of crazy puppies, then this is the perfect game for you! :)





by Beka Master
Mmm... personally I don't think that this game deserves to have 92 of score.
Indeed it has a good graphic and very likeable characterization but from here to a "superb game"...

by Broly
Very original game!
It merge a classic sport game with original idea, nice sounds and a cool carton graphic.
Some amazing animations during the game completes the product; in conclusion it's very very nice!
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