02 Feb, 2006 reviewed by Neal

Bubble Trouble
by Kreso

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Pop Those Bubbles!

This action-packed game (a.k.a Bubble Struggle) involves shooting all the bubbles in the air with your weapon! Your character is actually a devil, and you must shoot all bubbles in your game screen to advance to the next level! Every level is different as you go, with many different color backgrounds, bubble sizes, amount of bubbles, and the many power-ups and cash points!

You can use the normal arrow keys to move your character around the game screen! Use the spacebar to shoot your weapon at incoming bubbles jumping in the air! You can change the controls if you want to better suite your bubble shooting needs! Whatever floats your boat! ;)

This game also has the level code feature, so now you can get back to a certain level that you were on! It's actually pretty useful, so you can take a break after poppin' so many bubbles, or if you have to run an errand. :) As you progress through the game, the password for the certain level that you're on will be posted on the bottom of the level, so always look out for it before starting the level!

You can also enter your name in the Highscore list of the game! So, try becoming the best bubble struggler out there, and getting rid of those bubbles quickly! As you know, you are timed! You also have a limited number of lives, so watch out! One hit from a bubble costs one life.

In the main meu of the game, you can have 2 players playing at the same time in the same screen! It is actually pretty fun; just grab a friend, and start poppin' all those bubbles!

You can also make cool combos in the game! Here's what to do: Shoot the first bubble that you're splitting, then shoot one of the splits coming from the original bubble, until the bubbles get to the top, and hit the roof! As you can see, the roof is spiked, so those bubbles will pop on contact! This way, you can get rid of bubbles faster! Keep your eye on the bubbles; if you mess up, you will not be able to get the combo!

Also... I'am honored to show you (the reader) behind the scenes! I have some neat sneak peek screenshots, especially for you! They are from the creator himself, and they are pretty neat! Some of these are from farther levels, so you will get to experience the true challenge to the game just by looking at these pics. As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words! :)

Check out this first screenshot! (From level 17)

I love how the background of this level is designed! I castle-looking background is stunning, and it adds to the creativeness to the game! Also, as you can see, the bubbles get bigger everytime you progress through the game. Compared to the Level 7 screenshot, (First one above) this one looks much harder to beat! It takes a long time to shoot the big bubbles to make them smaller, and you will need to dodge all the small bubbles coming your way!

Check out this one! (From Level 21)

This screen has many colorful bubbles in it, which adds a great deal to the enjoyment of the game! I personally love it so much, and it keep me lookin' and playin' all the time, tryin to pop em! :)

This screen has some new things I haven't mentioned yet! Troughout the game, you may see some power-ups, and helping items drop as you keep popping the bubbles in the air! You can get all different kinds! I'll list them here, and you can find out what they do! :)

Arrow Weapon

Spiked Weapon

Laser Weapon

Mine Weapon


My Verdict

I have been playing this game for a long time, and have been enjoying it! I'm sure many of you have played it before, and really liked it as much as I did!

First off, the graphics. I'm sure you thought it was pretty decent, mainly because of the colorful-ness! There are many levels with different color backgrounds for each! They all have their unique-ness to them, and add to the delightful experience of shooting those bubbles! The devilish character looks pretty good too, don't you agree? I like the way he moves through the game, carrying his weapon, and wearing his shades as he's running around the game screen! You gotta love it!

The background music throughout the game was pretty interesting! The intro music was awesome, especially the whistling and the singing, hehe! The game menu music is cool, because you hear fire crackling, and you can see the fire torches on the side on the game menu screen! Also, I loved how a neat popping sound comes up as you are shooting all the bubbles in the game screen!

Shooting those bubbles off the screen seemed interesting to me, and for some others. The gameplay was challenging alright... since those bubbles get bigger and bigger as you progress through the game, and there are more obstacles and barriers to watch out for! Also, some bubbles in some levels bounce in a different pattern than the others do on the game screen! You'll see what I'm talking about when you start playing!

I didn't really see a specific concept/story in the game though... but shooting all the bubbles was good enough for me! I guess you really get into the game, and you don't really think of the storyline to the game while you're playing. All you have to focus on is to pop those bubbles!

I'm sure you can start playing this game, and play for at least... 30 minutes. But maximum... I'd probably say 2+ hours! I mean, really... you can't beat those eye-dropping background designs, those tiny/massive bubbles, that good-lookin character, that great-soundin' music, the challenging gameplay, etc! There are many great things about this game you must experience! :)

Thank you for your time, and hope you start getting hooked! Once again, before I leave you today... there is one thing that I must say...





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