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[ May 08, 2006 ] Firdosh Tangri
A reskinned version of the SmartFoxServer "Simple Chat" example using the open source ASwing UI components. Source files included.

The author is part of the ASwing open source project, a promising set of UI components derived from the Java Swing library. The chat examples is a reskinned version of the SmartFoxServer "Simple Chat" example, using the ASwing package.

In the zipped source file you will find the following items:

  • (the ASwing library sources)
  • (the chat sources)
  • (the SmartFoxServer Lite API for AS2, slightly modified to work with MTASC)
The sources includes also the project file for the FlashDevelop open source IDE.


You can download the source files of this prototype [here]

Name: Firdosh Tangri
Location: --
Age: N/A
Flash experience: --
Job: --
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